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Expobiomassa 2019 – 24 to 26 September – Valladolid, Spain has direct access to an unstoppable sector – Expobiomassa 2019, which will be celebrated in Valladolid from 24 to 26 September, again demonstrates that the sector has the necessary tools to respond to the new Society's challenges. An open door to an unstoppable reality. – The twelfth edition of the fair specializing in biomass, to be held in Valladolid with the support of AVEBIOM, will be the event of the year for professionals from southern Europe. According to the forecasts, in the twelfth edition of this fair, we will count on the presence of more than 500 exhibitors who will present the latest advances in technology, design and performances to the 15 000 professionals who will visit the enclosure, eager to see and Acquire equipment that offers solutions to an increasingly demanding and more knowledgeable consumer. In recent years, around 4.5 million of high-efficiency biomass fireplaces and boilers have been installed in Europe, according to the data collected in the EPC 2017 poll. These equipments and the more than 315 000 professionals dedicated to solid biomass allowed to use biomass of local origin and sustainably, instead of consuming the equivalent of 98 000 million liters of diesel for heating. Biomass, which is the most important renewable at European level, will allow us to be self-sufficient for 43 days this year. In the face of this growing market, Expobiomasa has evolved in recent years to become one of the five most important events in the sector globally. It is a bet for a market that still offers many opportunities in Spain and Portugal, at the same time it is a link point of European technology with Latin American professionals. An event that has been growing, editing after editing, and that aims to help leading companies to consolidate themselves in the market as an alternative to fossil technology manufacturers and the lobbies of electric multinationals. The biomass, the protagonist of the bioeconomy. It is a fact that biomass has been gaining ground, year after year, in the Spanish energy mix. The new fireplaces and biomass boilers have had enormous growth in recent years, fundamentally for a reason: the important economic savings that this solution brings compared to the expenditure on fossil fuels, or compared to the High cost of electricity, given that biomass represents a considerable savings for households, businesses and even for governments. The forestry sector in Spain, as already in Portugal and throughout Europe, sees with great eyes that an increase in the sustainable consumption of biomass will help to mobilize much more timber and thus contribute to overcoming the abandonment of the forest. And for industry and service companies it is virtually impossible to find another energy technology that consistently complies with the Circular economy postulates, the control of operating costs and the management of by-products. The traditional use of biomass in Spain is maintained in a large part of rural society, as well as the agro-food and forestry industry. About 12% of the heating energy is generated with biomass. And of this percentage, 30% correspond to new fireplaces and boilers, more modern, automatic feeding and technologically advanced responsible for clean and renewable energy in the cities and in the service sector. A number that barely reached 8% 10 years ago, according to the information provided by As Expobiomassa has evolved since its inception in 2006 in Spain, the number of high-efficiency biomass installations has gone from 9600 in 2008 to 244 197 in 2017. Among these new facilities, 90% correspond to pellet fireplaces. The rest are boilers of domestic biomass, with a power lower than 50 kW (15 755), as well as industrial or collective use (11 336) with powers greater than or equal to 50 kW.